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 I am pleased you have discovered coaching4destiny.com. Like you, I am a life long learner of what are best practices, and how they influence my life, and those in RECOVERY NATION for the greatest return. I am an expert in life planning and overcoming significant trauma. I can help you if you are willing and ready. Let's start with a free 45 minute meeting so we can size up the opportunity and that we absolutely share common ground.

I coach with a three fold mission to raise your level of growth. I say,lets blow the roof off, and experience new breakthroughs towards your goals, objectives, and aspirations. I am the trusted adviser making it safe to start pursuing the excellence in your life. What a privilege to follow my call to come alongside you so that together, we can implement effective practices bringing about long term positive and sustainable results.

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I often write about something I have recently experienced, and how I have tackled my latest challenge. My recovery life is about not keeping secrets and is about living authentically day to day. Writing about these issues keeps me vulnerable in a good way.  Getting my thoughts on paper is quite cathartic, healing, exposes to myself my own obstacles that I need to face up to, and allows me to be me without borders. I am who I am, and I feel quite unashamed to be me, warts and all.

Dr. Dave is a transformation coach, author and speaker. He is the author of Resilient My Journey to Wholeheartedness He is a certified Recovery Coach by CCAR, Mental Health Peer Coach by the State of Washington, and as Professional Life Coach through Erickson College of Vancouver, BC.





Resilient: My Journey to Wholeheartedness

This is a powerful, moving and inspirational story that serves as a true testament to what can happen when the power of God’s mercy, the inner strength of a man, and glory of all that is good join forces to end a path to self-destruction and welcome a life filled with love, hope, and constant alignment.