Resilient: My Journey to Wholeheartedness


From a childhood riddled with traumas beyond comprehension, one man rose up and found his true self and the power of God.
Resilient is the true account of a life lived surrounded by the worst that the world had to offer. From early childhood sexual trauma to family suicides, mental illness, and personal addictions, Dr. Dave was destined for disappointment and oftentimes met failure. But that was not the end of his story.
Although his journey was difficult, his will to succeed never abandoned him. Through God’s grace, Dr. Dave found his way and took the steps necessary to pull himself from the life he’d lived to find the life he was truly destined to have.
This is a powerful, moving and inspirational story that serves as a true testament to what can happen when the power of God’s mercy, the inner strength of a man, and glory of all that is good join forces to end a path to self-destruction and welcome a life filled with love, hope, and constant alignment.

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Dive in and discover how Dr. Dave has been radically transformed from his life of isolation and pain to a life lived out loud.  He has overcome the evils of early childhood sexual trauma and all the shame and contempt that leeches on to this fracture of the soul. Dr. Dave walks in new found identity shaped by a loving relationship with a kind, intentional, powerful and loving God who will deliver us from our incredibly painful experiences